Seamlessly integrated technologies make controlling I‑PACE’s features, and your connected devices, simple.

I‑PACE provides an incredibly streamlined experience, both in car and out. Whether it’s on the two Touchscreens, the Interactive Driver and Head-Up Displays or on your smartphone, everything you need is never far away.


Our Pivi Pro infotainment system is as familiar as your smartphone. Key information such as Navigation, Media and Contacts is only ever one tap away.


Automatically identifying each driver using their key and phone, Smart Settings can select preferred seat and mirror positions and play your preferred media at the start of each journey. Smart Settings can also learn and automate these preferences based on your habits and past routines.

The vehicles shown may not be exact representations of recent upgrades and enhancements. Some features described may be market or powertrain dependent. Please refer to your local Jaguar Retailer for the latest specifications.

Find your own electrifying combination of Jaguar performance, technology and style.

1 Fair use policy applies. Standard 1 year subscription.

2 Contains subscription services that can be extended after the initial term advised by your Jaguar Retailer.

3 Secure Tracker and Secure Tracker Pro will require further subscription after the initial term as advised by your local Jaguar Retailer. Requires Remote and mobile connectivity.

Specific features described may be optional, please contact your local Jaguar Retailer for availability. Certain features will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations. Information and images displayed on this web page in relation to technology, including screens or sequences, are subject to software updates, version control and other system/visual changes depending on options selected. All in-car features should be used by drivers only when safe for them to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.